The World’s First Predictive Cloud™

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A real-time, self-learning predictive engine

HD Data

Automated collection and cleaning of over 100b
sales interactions

Predictive API

A rich open API for predictive applications for any
business need


Prescriptive recommendations for specific sales actions

Why Predictive Cloud?

Built from the ground up to handle big data and focus on the data points that actually drive results

Passive, crowd-based automated data collection cleans up data so it’s ready for analysis from the get go

Data collection is tied to specific applications and results that keep data structured


Solutions in the sales acceleration category “speed prospects’ progress through the sales funnel” through prescriptive advice. These take the “insights driven by predictive analytics and layer on domain-specific business logic resulting in context-specific, actionable prompts for individual salespeople.”

Kate Leggett, Forrester
(“CRM Sales Automation Software For Every User,” July 29, 2015)

Thousands of companies are already leveraging the power of the Predictive Cloud accelerating sales via InsideSales sales acceleration apps for sales communications, email and web tracking, predictive forecasting, lead and opportunity scoring, and sales gamification.

Marketers can enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns and drive bottom line results by predicting when and where advertising dollars will have the most effect.

Optimize supply chain effectiveness and improve overall operational efficiency by finding underutilized capacity, anticipating delays and maximizing production.

Increase revenue and customer conversion with dynamic customer segments and individualized product recommendations.

Increase workplace productivity by predicting who will be successful and hiring for performance, instead of relying on traditional and inaccurate methods.


Cloudbilt, the makers of MapAnything, is integrating with the Predictive Cloud to add individual NeuralScores (likelihood of a lead to close a sale) to its app.

CloudCraze, an enterprise ecommerce platform native to Salesforce, is leveraging Predictive Cloud to help their customers create dynamic customer segments and product recommendations.

DemandBase, the leading provider of account-based marketing solutions, is partnering with Predictive Cloud to prioritize targeted accounts and even reach additional accounts that are likely to buy.

Dynamic Signal, the leading employee advocacy platform, is using the Predictive Cloud to identify when and how employees should share company content to achieve optimal market reach and impact.

EventBoard, a cloud-based meeting productivity management and collaboration analytics platform, is leveraging the Predictive Cloud to analyze the predictive relationship between meeting room and collaboration technology usage, and sales team productivity and outcomes.

LogMeIn, a SaaS company simplifying the way people connect to each other and the world around them, is utilizing Predictive Cloud to select leads best suited for the advanced features of their premium edition.